Unity As the white elite in Latin America & South America are getting richer off the backs of our brown and black brothers you still love em. As the white elite here in America gets richer off our brown and black brothers, instead of hating the oppressor, we hate each other. The white elite has divided and conquered us, made us think were different races, when in actuality were the same and getting oppressed by the same white oppressor.

Is light skinned different then a darker skinn (this is how they have divided us with bits of his ancestry) we are all still shapes of brown, from blackish-brown, dark-brown, reddish-brown & yellowish-brown. Are whites from all different parts of the world a still say their the same people (white people) don`t they look different; some with red, blonde, black or brown hair, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes. Don`t they speak different languages, even have different cultures, religions ect., but yet they all still claim to be white, well were all brown, why can`t we see the similiarities. Plus the fact we are oppressed by the same people. I don`t care what you got to say about oh they can`t forget about their spanish blood blah blah blah....

Spanish culture and European culture is evil, so-called latinos follow spanish culture thus making them brown spanards, blacks follow european culture thus making them brown europeans. Did intergration mean for us to become part of a culture that taught we were inferior? Their culture has to go and we need to find another culture because its going to self-destruct our people. They make us ashamed of our native and nubian features, now you see so-called blacks and so-called latinos running around getting blue contacts and blonde hair, nose jobs, bleached skin. All the the thug mentally copied from italians (mafia)

The culture of the spanards and europeans was to kill brown and black people by the billions, enslaved them and take their lands. Is this the culture we want to follow and teach our kids. Now we rott in ghetto`s all over North America, Latin America & South America. You see the Native Americans as strangers on their own land, put in ghetto`s called reservations. They got rich off our pain and this is who you want to be. I feel sadness for white America, really. They lack the compassion to see what has been/still is being done to other people by whites, and they are unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for thier actions. But, at the same time, I (and most people of color) do not seek affirmation from white America.

I am blessed to know my worth. I come from a long line of strong, industrious, intelligent, proud, Black and Native people, who has instilled in me the importance of the legacy, of my people, and the importance of my self-worth -- something that NO Black or Native person should ever rely on any white person to confirm or deny for him/her. Not only that, but the ability to see the fallacies of white people, though they cannot admit to any, is exceptionally, crystal clear! Inability to denounce the slaughtering, and attempted annihilation of entire race`s of people is one of those MAJOR fallacies of which I speak. Given the savage, inhumane, evil, history of their people, I can`t, much, blame you for not wanting to acknowledge or own up to the, HUGE, travesties of your ancestral line. It has to be pretty hard to stomach. So they Constantly, pitch blame, upon our people, for having difficulty recovering from the greatest atrocity, in the history of the world -- revictimizing them. Psychologists say the way parents treat a child in the first five years (three years) (one year) (five minutes) of life is crucial to the child`s later intellectual and emotional success. 500 years of native and nubian oppression add that sh!t up.

They cannot imagine what happens to a us, each time we come face to face with racism, whether it is true to life or depicted on a big screen. WE do not feel, about ourselves, the way they feel about us! WE know us, intimately! We know our strengths, weaknesses, our hearts, hopes, dreams, abilities, and that of our brethren. They don`t! Many of them have only seen us through the lens of the camera conveying the 6 o`clock news. While some of that stuff is true, much is NOT! Furthermore, it is demonstrative of a small portion of our society, in America! Most of them would rather die than admit it. They enjoy seeing us depicted in a haze of negativity. They love seeing us shrouded in despair and hopelessness. That is their view of us, NOT ours! And now so-called blacks and latinos want to be proud and clain european or spanish blood. Ohh wait!! maybe i`m being racist, since they always use the words; not all whites are racists...Umm let me check...American thus far has meant WHITE.

Named after Amerigo Vespucci, white spanard. The people who made the Consitution were all rich WHITE MALES. - The people who wrote the Bill of Rights were all WHITE MALES. - The people who made the decision to go into every war have been WHITE MALES. - Every President in American history has been a WHITE MAN. - The WHITE statue of liberty. - The WHITE majority of Senators. - The WHITE majority of Cogressmen. - The WHITE majority of Billionaires on the Forbes 400 List- The WHITE majority of military generals, and military officiers in general. - The WHITE MALE faces on Mount Rushmore. - The WHITE MALES faces on every single paper bill currency. (90% OF THE GOVERMENT) Are white divided and fighting among each other about the treatment of people of color?

Did they fight for civil rights or did we? We did, yet. The numbers are trully small when it came to them helping us, it damn sure aint the majority of whites. The majority are screaming; shut up n!gger, get over it and quit complaining, samething they`ve been screaming for the past 500 years. They feel justified in, flippantly, telling us to just "get over it." Tell a rape victim to just get over it! Tell an incest victim to just get over it! Tell a battered wife to just get over it! Tell the family, of the 9/11, attacks to just get over it! Go to a burn unit, in one of your, local, hospitals, and tell those victims to just get over it! THEN, use all of your power, authority, finances, laws, and intelligence to ensure that these people NEVER heal from those traumatic experiences. Continue to use your "clout" for generations upon generations, never acknowledging that these victims are victims, or human beings, the same as you.

Laugh at them and mock them, because of what has happened to them, as you have done my people. Ridicule them for being (Black or brown) burned, raped, beaten, molested, murdered, unrelentlessly, and see how soon they recover from it. HOW many white fighting for reparations for those oppressed by spanards and europeans. Now we let them deside what what we should be called as human beings, n3gro, black, african, american, latino, hispanic are all names giving to us by our opressors and where made to be proud of the title they gave us. Publius Cornelius Scipio 'Africanus', (236 - 184 BC) renamed parts of Sudan, Nubia, Kush & Abyssia. The name "America" was given to the continents in 1507 by the German geographer Martin Waldseemüller, who derived the term from the name of Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512). The Natives called it Tutle island, malu, Paleo, Toltec, Sandia, ect

What does the school teach our kids about themselfs? Is their any indept history of the native americans, afrikans or people of latin america, south america. No!! it`s mostly about white folks, history class was about white folks and is about white folks today amd the sh!tz distorted history at that. The school system was put in place to give some high self-esstem (whites) while giving others low self-esstem (us) the same people who build those prisons built those schools, hate to say it but it`s true, do some reseach.

The courts have become a universal device for re-enslaving us, (All white courts how is that justice) Schools either prepare them for prison or low paying jobs (Don`t let them fool you and tell you otherwise). Somebody has to do the jobs like Burger king, janitors, dish washer, car washer, maids, etc., Who do you think they want it to be, us doing it or their whites doing it. Why you think their bringing more mexican immigrants here to America? Oh they all of a sudden like mexico huh? (mexicans are they raza/family now huh? Please!! I`v heard racist crackaz call em cheap labor)

Do you think our children are getting half as good an education as white kids? Nope!! It`s been proven, latinos and blacks still are fighting for equal eduction, opportunity and treatment still to this day. As for them saying and i quote, "Nobody forces children of color to drop out of school, cut classes, sell drugs, kill people, steal and not go to college. Remember now, were the minority we don`t do 90% of the dirt, white kill more people worldwide i`ll give you the numbers, they sell more drugs then we could even think of, they speke of stealing umm they take whole countries, gold, diamonds, oil, etc., Sounds like they're sounding to believe the hype of the picture that they have painted of us, while they paint a picture of themselfs as perfect.

Remember the news is str8 from thier mouths and the courts are all white, so who do you thinks desides who should become "state property" aka slaves to the state, they deside hmm who should go to prison, black and brown people or white people. The fate of our very lives has been in their hands and they have mistreated us every step of the way. Young people run around now with no respect for the system no more because they know it`s a joke, the whole thug thing was just a way of rebeling, even doe if it`s self destructing their to far gone to even know...But what they do know is that whites are living a lie and the experience of the white world cannot possibly create in them any respect for the standards by which the white world claims to live.

The notion of white supremacy has worked out well for whites. Look at this stolen country made rich off chattel slavery. Look at western europe made rich off colonialism which is more theft, genocide and slavery. They continue to exploit non-whites and it continues to be a major factor in their success. So when they act like they`re where their at in life because of hard work and were at where we are at in life because were lazy that some bullsh*t think again. Who get loses the most jobs during a recession us, people of color mainly blacks and latinos.

So were lazy cuz we can`t find a job huh? I think bill cosby said it best, "When we`re unemployed, we`re called lazy; when the whites are unemployed it`s called a depression". Now you see they azz rich off their blood money and companies passed down from generations to generations. They call us lazy but brown and black people build the country while white people sat on their lazy azzez. Even the china man build the railroads( 90% of the labor used to build the Central Pacific Railroad in the 1860`s were Chinese). Mexicans taught them how to extract gold from riverbeds and quartz--critical to the growth of the national economy in the mid to late 1800`s. They also needed the mexicans in the mid 20th century under the bracero program, through which over five million Mexicans were brought into the country for cheap agricultural work, and then sent back across the border.

Now you see the same sh!t happening today wih mexican immigrants...What about the plantation owners in the South, surely the were dependent on blacks, and for more than field labor. They relied on black women to suckle and care for there children. They relied on blacks to build the levees that kept rivers like the Mississippi from our doorstep. They relied on black girls to fan thre sleeping white ladies so as to ensure their comfort. They relied on blacks to do everything from cooking, to cleaning, to making there beds, to polishing the shoes, to chopping the wood to heat the homes, to nursing them back to health when they fell ill. They prided ourselves on being (or aspiring to be) men and women of leisure, while black and brown folks did all the work.

That, and a lot more, is dependence; and yet they still insist we are the lazy ones. Blacks and Latinos make up the majority of the Army and been to most wars. Each year we spead almost trillions with white-owned companies:. Sounds like they need us more then we need them, they`re rich off us and continue to stay rich off us.

Oh sure, some neo-Nazis say they would love to try, but in reality I doubt they could make it. If there were no black and brown folks around then whites would have no one to blame but themselves for the crime that occurred; no one to blame but themselves when they didn`t get the job they wanted; no one to blame but themselves when their lives turned out to be less than they expected. In short, we need people of color--especially in a subordinate role--as a way to build ourselves up, and provide a sense of self-worth we otherwise lack.

I have a question to all the so-called latin or latinos, i Know that the spanard bastards raped and enslaved natives and africans and today some of ya`ll have spanard blood. I also know that they racist azzez charged the cultures and languages of africans and natives but so did the european charge the culture and language of africans and natives in north america. Some african americans and native american even might have european blood but they don`t call themself european or english like the africans and natives of latin america call themself spanards or latins.

If ya`ll can call each other latin or spanish then the africans and natives of south america can call themselfs portuguese because there slave master was from portugal. African americans and native americans can call themself european or english also. In the days of jesus his peoples slave masters were romans i guess jesus and his people could of called themselfs white romans instead of brown and black hebrews ok i understand now. fot those of you who call yourselves "latino, latina, or hispanic, what i want to know is why? latin was the official language of rome as well as the name of a sw city on italy. that has little or nothing to do with someone from mexico, argentina or honduras,etc. rome`s empire didn`t make it this far. hispanic refers to anyone who can speak spanish.

it`s derived from spain which were the one of the 1st anglos over here spreading their syphillis and smallpox and yet those of you with aboriginal ancestry from this hemisphere identify yourselves with the very people who destoyed the riches, power and your story (not his-tory) of your ancestors. why? *keep in mind, this is just a question, not a judgement or anything, so don`t be getting all mad and *Shit*, thinking i`m starting something.* YOU ARE NUBIAN AND NATIVE ALSO NOT JUST SPANISH OR EUROPEAN.

Where does the term Latino come from? Obviously it means a Latin person. To be Latin, don`t you have to speak Latin? The Latin language originated in Roma, Italia (Rome, Italy) a few thousand years ago. It was inspired by early Italic and Celtic languages from the north, was refined with Greek words, but it was spoken as a language in Italy. Eventually Latin spread through the Mediterranean area, each country brutally destroying it, creating their own versions of its words, adding their own words, and eventually forming the modern day romance languages, such as Italian, Romanian, French, and Spanish/Portuguese.

Now you may ask "If the Italians were the original peoples who spoke Latin, wouldn`t Italian be the closest language to Latin?" The answer is yes. Italian`s father was known as a barbaric form of Latin spoken by the lowbrow people. It later evolved into the Italian language.

Now what someone might ask is "So if the Italians invented the Latin language, wouldn`t Italian people be Latino? The Census bureau doesn`t seem to agree, or at least isn`t in touch historically. Their definition of Latin is someone whose racial background comes from Mexico/South America. Why is that? Since Spaniards came from Spain, somehow Spaniards taught the Maya/Aztec/Inca natives how to speak Spanish. The Spaniards came to Mexico/South America looking for gold in the age of exploration, and while they enforced their culture into the natives as they raped and mutilated them, they accidentally formed Mestizos, half native half European people. After a couple hundred years of mixing into the Native South Americans, Mexicans, Brazilians and other modern cultures were formed. But that still doesn`t explain why they are called Latino, does it?

The truth of the matter is, there is no true reason why they are called Latino. The obvious reason would be that since Spanish was a romance language formed from Latin, they must be Latin too? No, that doesn`t make any sense. Italians are the ones who created the Latin language, not the Spaniards. Latin is a dead language, and there is and never was such thing as Latinos. If there were, Italians would be them. It is as gross of an ignorant description as calling Native Americans "Indians". Why weren`t people from India called Indians a couple of hundred years ago? That is another story altogether.

The term Latino is one of those racial categories that the government makes up because they do not know how to categorize native south Americans because they already gave Native Americans that title, so they make up a category based on what language they speak, and not what race they are. Imagine seeing these boxes on that census sheet: White, Black, Asian, and Jewish. A few people would get angry with that. Jewish is not a race, it is a religion, just as the term Hispanic/Latino is not a race, it is a language preference that isn`t Latin to begin with.

The existance of a Hispanic race is just a way to deal with a large influx of immigrants, as it has been in the past centuries. They are no different biologically than whites, blacks, natives, or combinations of them. They`re just an ethnic group that happens to be migrating here in large droves, so in order to try and "control" them, they are labled as a seperate race. (15% are white, the rest are mixed with *Native/African* or *Native/African/Spanard* 200 million of brown & black ppl)

They are scare of your U-N-I-T-Y......If you come together you can stop all the injustice being done to your peoples. Life can be better, repent and return from which you came, you are not racist, you are loving...Put the oppressors in there places, don`t be no cowards, do it for the sake of your children, don`t die and leave your descendents in a living hell, make it better from them. A mi gente verdad, un amor, siempre! La unidad es lo que necesita nuestra gente.
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