Truth about gays

HERMAPHORDITE......... Main Entry: her·maph·ro·dite Pronunciation: (")h&r-'ma-fr&-"dIt Function: noun Etymology: Middle English hermofrodite, from Latin hermaphroditus, from Greek hermaphroditos, from Hermaphroditos Date: 14th century 1 : an animal or plant having both male and female reproductive organs 2 : something that is a combination of diverse elements - hermaphrodite adjective - her·maph·ro·dit·ic /(")h&r-"ma-fr&-'di-tik/ adjective - her·maph·ro·dit·ism /-'ma-fr&-"dI-"ti-z&m/ noun

I don't have a problem with "HERMAPHORDITES" because they were really born with both sexes; male & female. I can't hate them just because Our creator has created them that way. Animals born with both sexes is actually not against the laws of nature so i have nothing to protest toward *HERMAPHORDITE*

As for those not born a *HERMAPHORDITE* Imagine this....

Imagine that you are immortal with powers beyond imagination and you could put each race from Earth on separate planets, cut off from any outside influences. Since many people consider gay to be a race, there would also be a gay (all male) planet and a lesbian (all female) planet. Wait about a thousand years and take a look at all of the planets to see how they're progressing. There are two planets that are guaranteed to be empty. Guess which ones?

If your "race" can't reproduce on its own, it's not much of a race is it? Disliking gay people just because they are gay is wrong, but it's not racism. It may be some kind of "ism," but it's not racism as the word is normally used(they are not a race). HERMAPHORDITES on the other hand can reproduce so they aren't like homosexuals.


Gays say love has no boundies...TRUE!! BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SEXUAL...

If their speaking no boundies sexually!! ok cool i'll be sure to tell that to the redneck farmer and his lover "the goat" as he sneeks out there to the barn every night to have sex with her.

I've told homosexuals that gay sex leads nowhere, while opposite sex leads to reproduction thus making sure the human race doesn't go extinct. (This is nature)

Their reply most of the time is that; women who are barren = gay sex becuz it = a form of masterbastion in which nothing is gained, meaning not having children.

As for the woman who are barren? Well some of them had a hard time keeping men as i can recall from history. Or there husbands kept the faith, hoping it'll happen sooner of later. I'm not a religious person but lets check out the story of Abraham. As i can recall he got so sick of waiting for sarah to have a child he took her female slave to have his child. Then years later sarah finally had a child. Most men in history would of just got frastrated and left her from the get go. Women would freaking go insane damn near if they couldn't have the man they love's child. Up in europe chicks were killing themselfs.

They also say old folks having sex= gay sex becuz it = a form of masterbastion in which nothing is gained, meaning not having children

What's the gain of two 60 year old folks doing the nasty? What do they gain out it?

Nature saids their too old. So what's the gain?

Hmm well just because their old doesn't mean their DNA isn't still programmed to procreate (Not all but some). As for other old folks they aren't really horny anymore so they go get that "little blue pill" or other drugs so they can pass the time before they die (Both men & women get the drugs guess it beats being bored huh!!). And men can still have children at ages as old as 90, it's more the women who become barren at about age 40 to 50. This is the point in a womens life were she becomes real depress to, umm mid life crisis sh!t, men go through it also. They started to realize there numbers almost up.

Gays also say....

When you fall in love with someone, you don't think about it, you just do.

What if someone fell in love with a close family member or a child so it's ok to just do it. I'm trying to feel you here but i don't get it. Why are grown azz adult acting as if they don't know wrong from right? Grown azz sex craved perverts...I knew people who went years without sex, quit the addictive personality people!! sex isn't everything.

They say with condoms = a form of masterbastion in which nothing is gained, meaning not having children

As for condoms, well i guess their in place now because of deseases. Even though codoms and other forms of birth control have been around since like forever. (Back in the dayz) It was a way for sex craved addicts to get there freak on and they didn't have to worry about having kids (Alis going against the laws of nature)And for as long as creation has been here, homosexual behavior has always been – and it continues to be – morally wrong..period.

Our fear to speak out on basic understandings of right vs. wrong is preventing our society from reaching its potential. But beyond that, we are also laying the foundation for a destructive future.

Now lets take a look at Bestiality or Zoophilia(Animal sex)

Have you ever read about men and women having sex with animals, e.g., dogs (Women On Top, by Nancy Friday, Simon & Schuster, 1991). Apart from it being against the law (I think), are there medical reasons why this is not a good idea? For example, are there STDs that can be passed from animals to humans? Are there immunological consequences from depositing sperm into the vagina of another species? Is this kind of sex common?

Humans having sex with animals, otherwise called bestiality or zoophilia, is fairly uncommon, or uncommon to tell the researchers, in this century. It is thought that when more people lived on farms and in rural areas, the practice of having sexual relations with animals was much more common. Most people who have sex with animals are men, but there have been some documented cases of women caressing and stimulating animals in an attempt to insert the penis of a dog or horse into their vagina.

Human sexual relationships with animals have been a topic of interest for people for hundreds of years. Tales of human-animal contact can be found throughout ancient folklore and mythology. A good example is the story of Zeus, who in the form of a swan, had sexual intercourse with Leda, the queen of Sparta. William Butler Yeats used this story as background for a famous poem. Greek and Roman mythology have portrayed females having sexual relationships with bears, apes, bulls, goats, horses, wolves, snakes, and crocodiles. Humans have enjoyed rich sexual fantasies throughout the ages, sometimes including the fantastic and the unreal.

Fact: Of the almost 6000 people females interviewed for the Kinsey comprehensive 1953 study on sexuality, only three reported that they had had sexual intercourse with an animal, two as preadolescents with dogs, and only one as an adult. Another study done in 1974 found no women who had experienced intercourse with an animal (Hunt).

The percentages of adult human females who have had any type of sexual contact with animals are low -- 3.6 percent in the Kinsey study, and 1.9 percent in the Hunt sample. The animals involved were most commonly dogs and cats, and the sexual activities most often reported were general body contacts with the animals, and cunnilingus performed by animals.

Male animal contacts are more common, although the total percentages still remain quite low. Eight percent of Kinsey's sample brought themselves to the point of orgasm with an animal, and 4.9 percent of Hunt's sample did. Male sexual contacts with animals were more common among rural farm dwellers than urban boys. Coitus was the most common sexual activity, usually with animals, such as calves, sheep, and burros.

For both males and females, their encounters with animals were most likely to have occurred before puberty, and to have been sporadic encounters with little consequence on the people's sexual development.

Historically, taboos against human-animal contact have been quite severe. As recently as 1953, 49 states regarded bestiality as a felony or its equivalent. In eight states, the maximum penalty was life imprisonment. Many such laws remain the same to this day. Some people are so insane they are in love with there animals sexually, i wonder if they say were really born a animal in the body of a human. Is human & animal marriages next on the list of crimes against humanity?

More & more gay peoples arguments are starting to sound like a load of crap huh lol, i had one gay guy tell me and i quote, ''just because you can't imagine two men or two woman having sex and how it could feel good, understand that the biggest sexual organ we have is our brains". What are they graining though, not a damn thing. They say it feels good hmm well in nature it feels good so we'll keep having sex with the opposite sex so we can keep having kids thus humans remain on earth and don't become extinct.

In the case with same sex it just feels, so they say, what is gained? nothing but meaningless sex, women rubb their pvssies together and masterbate, men masterbate each other either with their mouths or azzez. Sh!t you can masterbate yourself. Or what about those who have sex with animals and say it feels great or it's the greatest sex they've ever had. Animal sex has been recorded in history for thousands of years, are they animals trapped in human bodies? lol please!!

And the biggest reason they say they have same sex relations is that they love each other, i love my same sex friends but why do i have to make it sexual, thatz kind of corny. What about greek and rome culture when it was ok for any same sex relation and everybody did it as if it was normal. Why do some so-called homo's say they admit that they weren't born gay and just wanna do what they wanna do because its there own life & they can do what they want with it, they call the rest of ya'll liars. It's a culture or a way of claiming there own identity.

If some say they were born that way, so what!! people with mental disorders could've been born that way or maybe life made them that way. Thirty years ago Dr. Robert Spitzer, a professor at Columbia University, spearheaded the effort to have homosexuality removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental illnesses(it used to be a mental illness) In doing so he became a hero to the homosexual community. So it is no surprise that he approached the idea of homosexuals becoming heterosexual with skepticism. He was surprised when over two thirds of the men in the five-year study successfully made the transition to a heterosexual lifestyle.

Of course, today the same homosexual activists who once lauded him are viciously attacking him. What about the kids who get molested and turn gay or the people who get raped in prison and come out gay. Or those who don't do well in relationships with the opposite sex so they turn to the same sex. A new study by a respected researcher shows conclusively that homosexuals who WANT to change can do so. The homosexual community demands that the rest of the world accept them and their lifestyle choices, but they attack anyone who chooses to leave that lifestyle.

Without the foundation of these falsehoods, homosexual activists lose all credibility in their quest to see homosexuality accepted as equal to heterosexuality. So they must vilify anyone who dares to present scientific evidence that these lies have been concocted to promote their agenda. Your not going to tell me a baby is born wanting to stick his d!ck in someones azz, it just isn't nature, or a gyrl born wanting to rubb her pvccy against another gyrls pvssy.

Something is wrong their...For one semen can infect the anal, yep its true and two women use fake d!ckz imitating a males penis, why do that when their is billions of men on earth walking around with real ones who can fvck the sh!t out them and also get them preganent thus their genes live on (this is nature, ppl need to stop playing with naure).

Nature will fight back believe if it hasn't already. Now if there not religious they might think, fvck it they can do what they want, think again!! It's not about religion it nature, lets toss the jewish, islam and christians religions to the side for now and speak of nature.

I'll answer your questions real quick about nature...Umm if all life on earth turned homosexual, we'll all became extinct. (Meaning) No more life on this planet.


If your kind of deep you'll feel me on this one....

North and South poles are opposite and they attract each other. It is called magnetism. Our Earth rotates on the axis of these opposite poles. Positive and negative charges come together powerfully. It is called electricity. Pluses and minuses cancel beautifully to make a balanced equation. Male and female are opposite sexes with an inherent affinity for each other. It is the axle on which the wheel of creation revolves. It is the heart throb of Nature. It keeps life on Earth ticking on. It is an apparent law in Nature that opposites draw each other. It is the principle of fertility.

Man and woman were created in order to grow and multiply. If life must go on, if procreation must continue, if the Earth is to thrive with life and activity, the attraction and union of the opposite sexes is a must. The human being who is the king of the animal kingdom rightly understood this fact and has been behaving true to his natural instincts. As population increased, as civilization progressed, wise norms were formed for happy, healthy living. The institution of marriage was introduced and the quality of life became more refined, more dignified.

Just as a healthy body is invaded by dangerous diseases, the normal society has recently been attacked by a dangerous disease, namely, an improper, abnormal attraction of the same sexes. This unnatural behavior, however, is not new. Very rare and stray cases have been reported in all civilizations, but were always censured and checked.

Recently, especially in the fast developing western countries, the extreme advance of science and technology, the resultant wealth, luxury and prevalence of uninhibited pleasures seem to have triggered a craving for the extraordinary, for the sensational, for the outlandish ideas of living.

Unlimited freedom, un-reined youthful passions, utter lack of values have given birth to freakish, perverse trends. A culture of violence and defiance has been generated in this era of global communication by a general atmosphere of nonchalance. An unprecedented increase of wayward, precocious children has caused all sorts of weird, bizarre, unacceptable fashions and notions to come into existence.

Perhaps cloyed with excessive indulgence of all sensual pleasures or goaded by a sense of ennui and restlessness blatant homosexuality has gained a prominent place in today’s society. While lack of sufficient public condemnation of this vulgar abomination is tragic, condoning the act with legal support is like dealing a death blow to the dignity of the human race.

The marriage of the same sex is odious, to say the least. It is absurd. It makes no sense. It is an insult to Nature which designed sexuality otherwise. It is a stigma on human integrity. It makes endearing relations like father, mother, brother, sister, aunt and uncle false and meaningless. Genuine emotions of family attachment can never be expected to spring in such an artificial, unnatural environment. Sheer madness it is to opt for such a parody. Life without depth and meaning, functions without warmth and purpose can merely be a bestial existence.

It is a cruel irony that the legal system which should abolish such a practice is embracing it with its protection. Instead of administering clinical, psychological counseling to persons affected with such unnatural inclinations, instead of dissuading such unhealthy activities, the governments of many western countries have offered legal sanction to this enormity. It is a crying shame. It rings the death knell of decent, healthy, human society. It makes mockery of the noble purpose of creation. It renders the family concept meaningless.

A grave matter that should stir the conscience of the pillars of society has only served to add spice to best selling paperback novels. It deserves more serious thought than being the theme of fiction or sensational newspaper headlines. It is pathetic that what should be shunned as a social evil is welcomed with shameless favor by people, even those steeped in traditional family values of reserve and restraint. An Indian lady who has imbibed western culture had the audacity to make a film endorsing homosexuality and is showered with encomiums for her efforts.

This shows clearly that the practice of homosexuality parading under the name of marriage of the same sex is alike cancer- it spreads its deadly roots slowly, surely and stealthily. It is a grave danger to humanity, a global threat like AIDS. It needs to be faced boldly and effaced decisively. Let worldwide protests and vigorous campaigning open up all channels of therapy. Rise all sane, right-thinking, self-respecting men and women of the world to arrest this downward slide of the human race!

The cancer theory appied to hommosexuals as well as all humans...

Scientist call cancer cells "bad neighbors." In the body, cancer cells invade and kill their neighbor cells. They may cannibalize each other. They do not respond to signals to stop the division process, but instead continue on and on. They often outgrow their own blood supply, thus killing even themselves.

Normal human cells will respect boundaries and not harm their neighbors, where as cancer cells will aggressively invade, suffocate, and destroy their neighbors. The eventual outcome of all this disordered and violent cellular behavior is death for the body, unless the cancer cells can be controlled or eliminated. Normal cells work in harmony as a Whole.

Normal human cells will respect boundaries and not harm their neighbors, As "cells", we all have a "duty", too. A duty to ourselves, to others, to our environment and to our planet, Mother Earth. All humans and animals are cells in the one divine organism, in the divine body.

That should be your faith, your fortune, your forte, your fullness. Awareness of this alone gives you the right to call yourself a man or women. We, as Humans, are "cells" of many larger "bodies". We are cells of our families, jobs, towns, communities, states and countries. We do not "end" at our bodies either.

We are part of a larger "body" or in other words we are cells of the earth and the earth is a cell in are universe and are universe is a cell in the gallaxy and the gallaxy is a cell in the body of the being we call god. In a sense, we are each a miniature version of the Cosmos. Scientist say there are over a trillions cells in the human body and labeled are own bodies as "Tiny universes".

Now since we are only a tiny part of that Whole, it should be obvious that we are incapable of understanding how It all came into being, as it is for a cell in your own body to comprehend the totality of your human reality. Even our cells are like "tiny universes". They are complete environments that hold all of the information neccessary to determine what the Life Form will be. All Life processes occur in cells.

All cells come from pre-existing cells. The chain of Life continues indefinately. The earth, universe, gallaxy and god also has immune systems (which we call angels) which protect the cells helps it fight free radicials cells (We call them Demons). The problem is that we are doing what we want to do and not what the earth, universe, gallaxy and god wants us to do, what we were created to do and what is in are nature.

Do you'll know what happens when normal cells within are own bodies does what they want to do instead of what it was created to do?? We get cancer or get sick intill our immune systems kick's in, if it doesn't kick in and we can't fight it off, then we die. Mother Earth Itself is a Being, a lifeform. With a soul. Everything in it and on it is part of Her.

Humans originally are part of the cells of it. However, many people are becoming the CANCER of Earth when they disrupt the Order of Nature (Doing what they want). Humans have enslaved other humans, murdered them by the billions, children are molested, people have sex with animals, sex with family members, sex with the same sex.

Who poluted the waters? Who poluted the soil? Who poluted the animals injecting them with hormones, toxins and perservatives and are now in the process of cloning animals? Who invited the gasoline and oil burning engines which has been destroying are ozones? Who invited the A-bomb? Who has been cutting down all the trees which all life on earth needs to survive?

Who has cause thousands of animals to go extinct? Humans have done all of this. The dictionary defines a tumor as an abnormal growth of tissue resulting from an uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells and serving no physiological function. A neoplasm. Thus before a tumor reaches validity of being deemed such a name, it was simply a harmless random part of the whole posing no threat and thus individually (as a tumor) non-existent.

This scenario would be metaphorical for a tumor developing in part of the stomach of the human body to the degenerative class of human beings who pollute the earth. But as soon as a tumor erupts, so does a threat upon the health and continuing life of the affected individual. It’s not difficult to describe the human race as a sort of cancer of the earth. The roles are switched and perceived differently, but seemingly almost more logically.

The human body has it’s own ways of fighting off diseases with or without a disease present in the body as does the earth without any threat present. The human body has natural mechanisms that battle the common cold in order to survive and it seems the earth has it’s own natural mechanisms to battle the “virus-like” human race.

Floods, hurricanes and tornados, for example, wipe out massive amounts of the people, but for what purpose? Cancer cells proliferate rapidly and uncontrollably in the body; humans continue to proliferate rapidly and uncontrollably in the world. Crowded cancer cells harden into tumors; humans crowd into cities. Cancer cells infiltrate and destroy adjacent normal tissues; urban sprawl devours open land.

Malignant tumors shed cells that migrate to distant parts of the body and set up secondary tumors; humans have colonized just about every habitable part of the globe. Cancer cells lose their natural appearance and distinctive functions; humans homogenize diverse natural ecosystems into artificial monocultures. Malignant tumors excrete enzymes and other chemicals that adversely affect remote parts of the body; humans' motor vehicles, power plants, factories and farms emit toxins that pollute environments far from the point of origin.

Accepting the humans-as-cancer concept comes easier if one also accepts the Gaia hypothesis that the planet functions as a single living organism. To be sure, the Earth is mostly inanimate. Its rocky, watery surface supports only a relatively thin layer of plants, animals and other living organisms. But so, too, is a mature tree mostly dead wood and bark, with only its thin cambium layer and its leaves, flowers and seeds actually alive. Yet the tree is a living organism.

Earth behaves like a living organism to the extent that the chemical composition of its rocky crust, oceans and atmosphere has both supported and been influenced by the biological processes of living organisms over several billion years. These self-sustaining, self-regulating processes have kept the Earth's surface temperature, its concentrations of salt in the oceans and oxygen in the atmosphere, and other conditions favorable for life.

Others have stated the connection more strongly. "If you picture Earth and its inhabitants as a single self-sustaining organism, along the lines of the popular Gaia concept, then we humans might ourselves be seen as pathogenic," Jerold M. Lowenstein, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, has written. "We are infecting the planet, growing recklessly as cancer cells do, destroying Gaia's other specialized cells (that is, extinguishing other species), and poisoning our air supply....From a Gaian perspective... the main disease to be eliminated is us".
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