The Non-Euro-centric & Non-Afro-centric look at race...Hue-man-centric

According to the American Anthropological Association "race" is no longer a relevant term.

When it comes to the biological hierarchy of race, Asians (Africans) are at the top and whites are at the bottom, (why?) Not in a superior way either!!! Many European populations are experiencing more deaths than births annually, a phenomenon that is not occurring in any other global regions. Russia`s population is: 125,000,000 and has the largest loss in people than any other European country. Russia loses 950,000 people a year. Russia will not exist in 125 years.

At the present time Whites amount to about 20 percent. By 2050 the percentages will be between 5 - 8%. It is estimated that by 2050 Europe`s population will decline not increase. All of the following countries show a minus (-) in population: Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium.

40 years ago all people of the world who were brown in color were referred to as “Colored.” East Asians were referred to as mongoloids, they also used the designation "mongoloids" with being synonymous to having Down Syndrome. Currently the “Colored Races” have been reclassified as Caucasian to stop “Caucasian Elimination Eradication.”

Because of Euro-American propaganda, Whites feel they are a majority worldwide. The US Government has classified Hispanics as Caucasian, even though there were 3/4’s more African slaves taken to the Caribbean and South America than to the United States. The Hispanic population was not officially counted in the USA until 1980. Ninety percent (90%) checked the box "White" in the last US Census.

The US has classified people from the Middle East and Northern Africa—including Ethiopians as Caucasian. The US has classified American Indians as Caucasian. The US has classified Jews as Caucasian. The US has classified Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Asian Indians as Caucasian.

The US has classified Polynesians, Hawaiians and Aborigines as Caucasian. What about the the original inhabitants of Southeast Asia also classified as Caucasian but who's original forefathers were described as a short, hairy, black-skinned race, which was said to be related to the Australian Aborigines, commonly called Negritos.

Euro-Americans use psychological and biological assimilation maneuvers towards the dominant 90% mixed black & brown races of the world to combat their very own extinction. Using a racially cleansing detergent to wash the Negroid/Nigger out of Negroid by White for White.

Mainstream America ingests psychologically the “mentality of being White” and the entitlements inherited because of White skin color. White skin color and/or European origin are an immediate exemption from racial oppression by the people making the rules and writing the books

Caucasians believe they are Mankind`s Chosen People just as Jews believe they are Gods Chosen People. Those Whites who have become logical and liberal thinkers want to offer that WHITE “honor badge” to others who look similar or have some Caucasian physical features—a tribute to their distinctive White ancestors.

The Continent of Africa carries negative undertones assigned by European Colonialists and scientist, European and US History/biology theories are Colonized science and Colonized information about science—in reality a PSEUDO-SCIENCE.

Charles Darwin`s THEORY of "Natural Selection of Species" which popularized the fantasy of biological (and therefore social) evolution, with Whites at the top of the evolutionary scale mixed races in the middle and Blacks at the bottom (funny how the economy of the world follows this very same idea!!!).

This also helped divide and conquer the human race, the theory of evolution is still only a theory. (No scientific fact states one species of something can become a different species, or "evolve" into a new species.) However, their is a scientific based difference between evolution and adaptation.

The history and biology of humans proves that human adaptation exists, but not evolution//adaptation is a proven science unlike evolutionwhich has no justification in the scientific world. Also, movies of the 1950’s helped to reinforce negativism of Africa and African people in the US as children watched the movies of the so called "savage" Africans on Saturday afternoons.

European scientists needed to “invent” race because of his obvious difference in “skin” color. If other cultures identified themselves via cultural means, it would show he was the one that was different—out of step and out of place.

Europeans, who are a minority “culture”, could not gain attention to their particular cultural traits if that were the case. So they needed something that had the same effect for them, “race” that on the other hand debased majority cultures.

Now that Europeans have effectively spread their cultural ideas into every majority culture, “race” has become a term that is no longer necessary. What we need to do is to identify what is culturally "European" and what is not

Race is not necessary for this function but knowledge of cultural ontology is needed. We have no choice if “race” is removed as a dividing factor and culture is not investigated. The world will end up being culturally European, if you forget where you came from.

The idea of race is so ingrained in the psyche of human beings that we get mixed up and associate culture with color.

White has been superimposed verbally and visually by mass media to mean higher in quality and merit. Everywhere a person looks in this country, there are visual images of White people--from the average White American, to the President, to God himself.

Race period is simply just a way to divide/conquer and then control people, think aboit it!! they can turn people against each other thats the same so-called race by lighter and darker. The existance of a Hispanic race is just a way to deal with a large influx of immigrants, as it has been in the past centuries. They are no different biologically than whites, blacks, natives, or combinations of them.

They`re just an ethnic group that happens to be migrating here in large droves, so in order to try and "control" them, they are labled as a seperate race. It`s always been this way. In the early 20th century, Italians, Jews, and Irish immigrants were considered to be their own race.

Never mind the fact that most Jews are just Eastern Europeans who adopted Jewish traditions, or the fact that there were already a large number of Scottish Protestants living in the US, who were of the same genetic batch as the Irish Catholic immigrants were.

People just try to differentiate from what they fear. That`s why Arabs are also considered their own race by most American "patriots", and why the French had such a hard time being accepted by the English-speaking Canadians. That`s why European colonists enslaved or killed the natives in territories they conquered.

If race was such a big deal why could we all mix? What if all so-called races mixed (i mean everybody on earth), the genes possible that created all races would be in the DNA of us all. You`d see super dark people having white, blue eyed, blonde hair babies. You`d see whites having asian looking babies and asians having dark skinned or white skinned babies. The features would vary. Would it be right if all those babies grew up and chose to hang in groups of those that looked similiar to them just on that basis?

Would it also be alright if they adapted to a certain way of thinking, acting, chose a religion, a culture or heritage just on the basis people who looked similiar to them did.

Racial superiority is a mere pigment of the imagination and white ppl have a hell of a imagination. Scientist say we all share something like 96.5%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99% of the same genes, so you`re only talking about 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% of total of different genes that are dealing with melanin, hair and other superficial differences between the races. Race=recessive & dominant or inbetween....Stop the hate!!
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