Who were the Moors?

The word MOORs evolved from the Greek 'Mauros' which means 'dark or black..During the European Renaissance explorers, writers and scholars began to apply the term Moor to Black Afrikans in general (Not arabs like they wanted us to believe, africans).

A case which shows the strong link that developed in Europe between the word "Black " and "Moor" is that of non-Muslim Moors.

A host of non-Muslim figures are also described as Black and Moorish. These included the Black St. Maurice. Other non-Muslim Moors include the semi-legendary Sir Morien, known as "the Black Knight" of King Arthur fame and Sir Pallamedes. In 1501 one of the King's Minstrels was Peter the Moryen or Moor who is described as Black.

According to the old versions of the Oxford English Dictionary, the Moors, as early as the Middle Ages and as late as the 17th Century, were "commonly supposed to be black or very swarthy, and hence the word is often used for Negro. The Africans were the Moors & the Arabs were the berbers.

In the Arab literature there is little mention of the word Moor. Rather the term Berber is used to describe these non Arab peoples who occupied the Maghrib (Islamic North Africa west of Egypt). The term Berber may have been derived from the Latin "barbari," a forerunner to the English "barbarian."

Webster's New World Dictionary states that the term Berber refers to, "any of a Moslem people living in North Africa. As berbers and Moors mixed, the word berber became replaced with moor or black, african, negro, ect. The Webster's New World Dictionary identifies Moors as "a member of Moslem people of mixed Arab and Berber descent."

This deletion of "black" or "Negro" from the term Moor is generally recent. Though the word "Moor" originally seems to have been meant to indicate only Black afrikan only, it in time came to be applied to Muslims in general, especially the Berbers. Not all moors were muslims though, some were also jew, christian, essence and egnostic.

The Arab Berbers and Nubian Moors joined forces during a time in history and conquered back Isreal and Egypt back from Rome and greece. More then likely the Arab Berbers and Nubian Moors were the origanal people of these land, coming back for revenge and to claim what was rightfully thiers.

They also conquered Rome, Greece, Spain and other parts of europe, which lasted for almost 700 years. For some reason the Arabs and the Nubians began to fight among themselfs and this was when the Europeans seen their opportunity and they attacked and won.

The Aftermath was the Arabs turning their back on the Nubians Moors and joining teams with the Europeans, Spanish, Romans ect. Around this time Spain had found new land (America) and they needed slaves, why not nubians who they thought to be the enemy in the first place.

The Arabs also brought Nubian slaves to the Middle East, it was a parthership between the Arabians, jews and Europeans, Romans and Spainards or Nubians who had Euro or Arabs blood and shared their culture and religion.

By the way Arabia wasn't just home to white Mediterraneans, you also had Asians and Abyssyians (Ethoipians) The word Arab itself was suppose to have meant Afro-Asiatic=Afrikan & Asian mix, same applies for Hebrews.
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