If "JESUS" is the one who died for everyones sins, then I take it that he even died for the sins of the romans who murdered him ha! He even died for the sins of the white people who help murder and enslave billions of africans, native americans, asians....THE LIST GOES ON.... Wow!! then this jesus guy is the one who we all should be blaming because he died for the white people`s sins (He is actually the one who sinned against us).

Why do we keep complaining about all the wicked things white people did and are still doing? If "JESUS" (Yeshua) died for thier sins, they can do just about anything and jesus will be the one to pay the cost, they will never see the hell fire... Hmmm whites created a pretty cool religion, right?

Not to just poke fun at Christianity, it`s just the head of the beast...So were`s the rest of the beast?

Well the jewish religion and islam also had been tampered with by Saint Paul. He went all over arabia spreading the gospel, planting the seed for islam. He also helped others rewrite the jewish bibles, because he himself was mixed with jewish and roman.

In fact Saint Paul is the creater of christianity, do the research yeshau never said make a religion after him. If we looked at the life of St. paul he would of been compare to hitler. Wanna know why i said that? Hmm because b4 he became a so-called prophet of god and gospel writer, he used to murder jews, africans, asians, arabs ect by the thousands for the government of rome. Islam, judiesm and christianity have done more harm then good if you look at history...

Let`s break it down.....

The Torah and the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. The Hebrew word “Elohim” was replaced by the pagan name God or Gowd In the "Law of names", to identify a son his name must contain the name of the Father. `Yah`, the Father’s name, `Shua`, means saved. The son of Yah’s name is YahShua. The Greek name ‘Jesus’ should never be used.

Zeus is the name of the father god of pagan Greek mythology. The Greek name `Jesus` is; "Je" means, "Ie(Is)", and "sus", means "Zeus" or "Je’Zeus". When one is spoken of as the Son of Elohim, to the Greek mind it is the son of their father god. The Priest or and priestesses of pagan religion recognized no other deities except those of the Greek Mythos.

Their false, pagan deity called ‘Zeus’ was their chief god. They also used latin which if you pronounce "jesus" in latin (Hey zeus) there is the true name of there god. He was father god of Greek mythos and ruler of the sky. The Greek believed that ‘Zeus’ controlled the SUN. The historian Homer, the earliest Greek writer to mention ‘Zeus’, calls him the Father of Gods of men.

This is the great deception of the Dragon of Revelation that leads every kindred, tongue and nation to worship the beast and the ‘NAME’ of the beast. for thousands of years Pagans had also followed a Son of God? If you check a Greek or Latin text of the New Testament, you will find the Greek spelling "Iesou" and the Latin spelling "Iesu" are used when Jesus is not the subject of the verb, while the "s" endings (Iesous and Iesus) are used in the nominative case.

In both of these languages it was proper to pronounce Jesus` name as "Yay-soo" or "Yay-soos" depending on the sentence structure. (In Spanish, both "Hay-soo" {Jesu} and "Hay-soos" {Jesus} are still used). (They`ve got you fool`d my ppl and the back up there stories with truth mixed with lies. Even their scientist`s are liars) Did you know roman christians even called caesar the son of god. Hercules was even called a son of god or son of zeus the lord of all the lords.

Matter of fact hercules was a son even before there even was a man named jesus or yah`shawa. Hercules was known to all the peoples of the ancient world as the Son of God. He fought against injustice all his life and protected the downtrodden and the poor. He traveled far and wide, defeating enemies from as far East as India and as far West as the eponymous mountains that wecall Gibraltar, but that theancients called the Pillars of Hercules.

The Greeks knew him as Heracles and although he was only a man their legends and fables made him larger than life. So great was the people`s love for this man that many fantastic tales were credited to his name. According to Greek legend he was born of God and an earthly virgin mother from an act of sex that lasted three days.

He was known as the Healer and raised two people from the dead in his lifetime, one man and one woman. He once descended into Hell for three days. According to legend he suffered an excruciatingly painful, and most unfair, death at the hands of his enemies, notably the court of the powerful King of Thebes.

After his death he re-appeared to show his closestfriends that he was still alive and then ascended bodily into heaven. His friends and followers, known as the Heracleidae, were persecuted after his death. Not content with stealing the laurels of Hercules, these clever Greek Christians even stole his face. How else does one explain the remarkable similarity of the face of Hercules and his figurative father Zeus to the images of Jesus as a white European?

Jesus was in fact a Palestinian Jew with "a swarthy complexion and hair like wool" or, to modernize these Greek New Testament metaphors, Jesus was "dark-skinnedand had an afro." The Roman often described Jews as having dark complexions, while the Egyptians were described as being brown-skinned or dark brown skinned.

In fact, the Romans stated unequivocally that the Jews were of Egyptian descent, and dismissed the fanciful tales the Jews told of their own origins. Many of the legends of Hercules were fables that had been passed down from generations until they were written in more polished form about 500-400 BCE.

Some six centuries later these stories show up again, but ascribed to a newcomer, Jesus of Nazareth. Known as the Great Teacher, the Christians began to call him first the Messiah, and then later the Son of God, clearly trying to capitalize on the love the people had for Hercules, the original Son of God.
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